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Touchpoint Team: The team of relevant individuals that make up the participants of a Valued Touchpoint Workshop™. Roles typically include facilitator, producers, customer and support. Source: TOUCHPOiNT POWER! by Hank Brigman (William Henry Publishing, 2013).

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Seeking definitions
For years, the number one landing page on my web site was my Customer Experience Management (CEM) glossary.  Speaking the same CEM language within your organization is important to reduce confusion and maximize success – and I want to help.

Terms, acronyms and rants
My CEM eDictionary has over 125 terms and acronyms defined.  It also includes several Rants and Mini Rants excerpted from TOUCHPOiNT POWER! Get & Keep More Customers, Touchpoint by Touchpoint (William Henry Publishing, 2013), my how-to guide to improving customer-centricity with foreword by Peppers & Rogers.
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Honest details: I ask your name so that we can personalize our communications with you; city so that we can inform you when I am speaking near you; and country to distinguish between cities of the same name. You will receive a link to a PDF of my CEM eDictionary. Downloading this eDictionary subscribes you to my periodic TOUCHPOiNTER Newsletter of tips, tricks and tools from the front lines of Customer Experience Management. You also get access to subscribers’ only resources. Of Course you can unsubscribe anytime and we will never sell your email address – that would be a really bad touchpoint. Click to read our really boring privacy policy.
A starting point
I put this CEM eDictionary forward not as the final word, but as a first draft.  It is my hope that this eDictionary sparks both discussion and conflict.  Through this process I believe that we will advance CEM’s nomenclature, along with the adoption, success and respect for this emerging discipline.

I hope you find this eDictionary helpful – download your complimentary copy today.

Enjoy and let me know what you think.

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Touchpoint. Each interaction - physical, communication, human, and sensory - with and within your organization.


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Hank Brigman
Hank Brigman
  • Quantifiable improvements for clients small and big, including five Fortune 100 companies
  • Co-inventor of the methodology for mapping touchpoints
  • Success in-house and as a consultant
  • Author, TOUCHPOiNT Power (William Henry Publishing, 2013)
  • Speaks globally on how to improve customer-centricity – member National Speakers Association
  • First to define “touchpoint” on Wikipedia


Touchpoint: Each interaction - physical, communication, human and sensory - with and within, your organization.

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